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Phone intercom

In today's world of heightened security and with a variety of application needs, a system needs to be flexible and versatile. Simple programming of the AI-900 allows each system to be custom-configured to meet the specific needs of almost any commercial or institutional application. Whether the person on duty is in a security office or is making rounds, a call from a remote area never has to go unanswered. Room-to-Room intercom with built-in Door Answering. Basic configuration for 1 line and 16 Phones. Simple to use. Upgradeable to 2 lines with IPX or IPC expansion card and utilization of 2-line phone sets. Can be partitioned for a duplex residence with complete separation between the two lines. System provides phone-to-phone intercom with standard phone sets, corded, cordless or multi-handset. Directly compatible with DSL phone line with direct intercept of the standard twisted pair.


Commercial intercom systems are generally designed specifically to the customer's application. These systems are as basic as telephone intercom paging systems and as advanced as voice evacuation systems for factories and large industrial complexes.


Apartment intercom systems generally interface or connect with the main telephone system in the building complex. By accessing the lobby intercom station the visitor connects with the tenant's telephone. The tenant then grants entry by pressing the "*" button on the telephone keypad, which releases the door lock granting entry to their guest. Video cameras have been added in lobbies so the tenant can view the visitor on a television station before granting entry.

Door entry systems

We have the largest selection of door entry phone systems . Whether your application is residential, commercial or institutional, we have the right product for you, at the right price. We specialize in home Door Entry Security systems.